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Amped Environmental Solutions


 Amped Environmental Solutions is an official TRUXOR dealer! Serving all of the USA!

We know the new T series better than anyone in the USA as we have operated and serviced them from the beginning! With over 5000 operating hours on the T50 Model alone. We have all the evidence we need to prove there is no other harvester like it that can operate in shallow or deep water efficiently. 

The Truxor T-Series machine excels in the precision removal of unwanted vegetation from lakes and ponds while minimizing ground impact in the surrounding area. Our specialized approach efficiently addresses problematic algae, submersed weeds, and grasses, swiftly extracting them from your water feature and depositing them on the lake bank for convenient removal if required. By eliminating vegetation, we significantly reduce the reliance on chemicals for lake maintenance, ensuring a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

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We offer a wide selection of new inventory and spare parts! Our goal is to keep you on the water. 

Used Inventory

We offer used Truxor Machines and attachments.


New customers receive up to 24 hours of training which includes maintenance and operation of the Truxor!


On top of that we offer unlimited customer support! We will always be here for you!



Only the Best

Truxor machines, with their amphibious design and minimal ground pressure, stand out as versatile equipment carriers capable of vegetation cutting, dredging, digging, and oil cleanup. Their independent tracks contribute to cost-effective mobilization, making them ideal for various applications, including golf courses, private properties, and protected natural areas. The Truxor's unique ability to navigate soft ground sets it apart, allowing it to access areas where traditional vehicles and personnel face challenges. Its low-impact operation makes it a valuable solution for diverse tasks in environments with varying ground conditions.

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Contact Amped Environmental Solutions for expert environmental management services, specializing in pond cleaning, dredging, and sustainable vegetation control. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss and address your unique needs, prioritizing environmental sustainability in every solution.


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